Rhone River Parking Places

One of the problems with the Rhone section of the trip is the dearth of suitable overnight parking places.

It is important to plan the stops or you could get caught out with darkness falling and no where to moor up!

The following are all the OK places I know of:-

(There are several other places with sloping Quays! I would not use theses in a sailing boat as there is no way I know to properly fender and protect the boat from wash.)

LYON        Halt nautique under willows near VNF office - just before 3 bridges - left bank going downstream. Inexpensive fuel from barge just past bridges on same side.

Vienne (29K from Lyon) Public Quay on L bank past 2nd Bridge

Les Roches de Condrieu (PK 41) Proper Yacht Harbour - Fuel - Shops

St Valier (PK 76)  Quay on L bank

St Valier (PK 78)  Quay on L bank

Tournon (PK 91) Yacht harbour and Quay. Both little depth + - 1.30Mtr.

La Roche de Glun (PK98.5)  In the branch to the barrage on right side. Assorted Pontoon moorings for 6+ boats. Sweet little village with everything. Do not more to low pontoon - for sailing dinghies only - Use big pontoon or fingers.

Valance (PK 110) Good Quay in town

Valance (PK 112) large Port de Plaisance - fuel, travel lift, restaurant etc

La Voulte (PK 128) Quay on Right Bank

Le Pouzin (PK 133) Quay on Right Bank before bridge

Montelimar (PK 160) Public Quay 3k down stream from town past bridge.

Viviers (PK 166) Public Quay - Port de Plaisance (shallow I think)

Derevation de Donzere (PK171- 177) Straight shuttering - using stakes possible to park along here.

Nr Eurodif (PK186.5)  Right Bank - just into barrage branch - Not very attractive and has shuttering on low commercial wharf.

ST Etienne des Sorts (PK 204) Floating pontoon for 2 boats max - possible 'dodgy' parking places just before village.

Caderousse (PK 218)  Good anchorage in the backwater - lots of space. I think there is a pontoon there as well?

Roquemaure (PK 225) Public Quay - very exposed to mistral waves.

Avignon (PK 241) Public and paying pontoons and quays.

Arles (PK 282) Pontoon mooring on Right bank.

In addition, most, but not all, of the locks have a pontoon for pleasure boats waiting to use the lock

. These are not intended for overnight mooring but if 'push came to shove' and night must fall, they are excellent!




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