One by One

Zoo vet series shot at Jimmy Clubb & Sally Chipperfields world famous circus farm in the Cotswolds.

Adventures with lots of animals!

The series had some faults but the chance to work with circus people - particularly Jimmy Clubb, was far too good to miss.

The whole zoo vet story line was interesting because it took me into a world of wild animal training - you can buy lion cubs for 50 each so with for 300 you have the basis of a circus act! If you then spend hundreds of hours teaching, loving, training them then after a while you have a circus act worth 5000!

Jimmy Clubb joined he circus as a young man and learned from the bottom up how to become a wild animal trainer. A pupil of the famous Dick Chipperfield he married Sally and the pair of them toured their own circus around the UK for many years.

Jimmy is now famous for supplying trained animals for commercials, films and television productions and was the central figure behind One by One - without him the series could not have had the success it achieved.

Peter Gilmore played Ben Bishop the Circus owner and it was a pleasure to work with him again.

Peter makes it all look so easy - he is an excellent actor who quickly learned from Jimmy how to make it 'appear' he could control circus horses doing their routines, elephants doing their acts, and working with all sorts of wild animals....?

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