If you are thinking about using the French canals to passage between the UK and the Mediterranean then this booklet contains all the information you need'

 It describes the Routes, the regulations the paperwork - How where and when to get the qualifications and license, the depths, air heights, locks and a whole lot more.

 There are 'charts/maps' throughout, the distances, dimensions & main stopping places and is the only publication to list ALL the possible stopping places on the Rhone River!/

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1 – Planning the voyage

2 – South coast to Chenal du Four

3 - Chenal du Four to La Rochelle

4 - La Rochelle to Spain planning

5 - La Rochelle to Coruña

6 - Coruña to Gibraltar

Why not take your boat to the Mediterranean next summer?




 There are several ways of getting your boat to the Mediterraneanall sailors and french waterways  On the back of a lorry, via the French canals, four or five day’s non stop across the Bay of Biscay then down the Portuguese coast or spend the summer or two, gently coasting southwards, enjoying the harbours, cities, towns and villages of France Spain and Portugalall sailors and french waterways 

This is not a pilot book, rather a passage plan and guide to the nicer places between the South Coast of the UK to the beautiful Mediterranean Seaall sailors and french waterways   It can all be done in easy stages, to suit a lightly crewed boat, with perhaps only a couple of people on board who are without ‘offshore’ experienceall sailors and french waterways   Actually, it is a lovely way to explore a lot of delightful foreign placesall sailors and french waterways 

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 Specially drawn charts of:

Cherbourg to L’Aber-Wrac’h

Chenal du Four to La Rochelle

La Rochelle to Spain

La Rochelle to Coruña

Coruna to Gibraltar+illustrations, pictures, paintings











Strait Sailing to Gibraltar

The book contains tidal charts and strategy for making the final passage through the straights into the Mediterranean, Information on fuel and marina prices as well as haul out facilities and places to winter your boat Beside port information for all the above, it provides places of interest and reasons for visiting all sailors and french waterways  Dozens of photos and illustrations

  1. Mediterranean overview

  1. Entering the straits

  1. Bárbate

  1. Tarifa

  1. Gibraltar

  1. La Línea                    

  1. Algecerías

  1. Ceuta

  1. Smir          

  1. Duquesa                  buy here -

  1. Tangier

  2. Bringing your boat legally into Spain




From the Straits of Gibraltar and from the end of the French canals all the ports, marinas and places to visit.

If you are new to the Western Mediterranean this book is an indispensable guide and pilot book. 
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Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands

 (Balearic, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Malta, and Greek Islands)

  A guide on how to get to the main Mediterranean Islands from Gibraltar or the French Canalsall sailors and french waterways


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Chapter one: Mediterranean Overview

Chapter two ‘A’ From Gibraltar to the Balearics

Chapter three B’ Fast route through the Balearic’s (but still nice)

Chapter four :‘C’ French Canals - Port St Louis & Séte to the Balearic Islands

Chapter five:‘ D’ Port St Louis to Corsica & Sardinia

Chapter six ‘E’ Mahon to Sardinia and Scilly

Chapter seven: F’ Mahon to Scilly via Tunisia

Chapter eightG’ Sicily to Greek Islands




The Caribbean

is probably the biggest and best cruising ground in the world. Wonderful climate, beautiful islands, nice people and for the most part very inexpensive. With predictable weather and such good sailing winds it  makes the Mediterranean look like a very poor relation.

Details of all the Island groups and anchorages.  

 Pictures and chart details together with descriptions of the islands.

Pictures, charts, distances, links to marina's and faculties, weather and places to visit and what to see.

How to get there - how to get home

 There are two versions, the first is for boats coming from Europe and the second is an American Version for boats heading south from the USA through the Bahamas & Turks and Caicos

There is an American and a European version.

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  from the Caribbean and Panama to Australia and New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific

If If you are bored with the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, read this book, then you will want to dream of visiting the nearest place to paradise on this globeall sailors and french waterways

How to transit the Panama Canal see giant rays on the way to the Galapagos and the best islands in the Marquesas and Touamotu groups before reaching Tahiti the Cook Islands, Tonga and Fiji then laying up for the hurricane season in New Zealand or Australia

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If you are thinking about going long distance cruising then this is the book for you!


      1Which Boat and what equipment?

2      The canal route to the sun

3      The sea route to the sun

4 Cruising the Mediterranean

5     Crossing the Atlantic

6 Cruising the Caribbean

7      Panama and Pan Pan

8     The Canal and into the Pacific

9    South Pacific Islands

10  Tahiti to New Zealand

11   Helicopter Rescue

12  The Great Barrier Reef

13  Pirate Attack

14   Tragedy in the Red Seaall sailors 

15   Homeward Bound              buy here -


Dead reckoning navigation was a wonderful and fulfilling ‘art’ form. Now that GPS is here to stay, there is no point whatsoever in having a sextant and tables on board and even the compass has become an aid rather than an essential. With the advent of chart plotters, free chart plotter navigation systems for laptops, your mobile communication device almost certainly having GPS built in, and probably Google or Bing maps, the necessity for paper charts is greatly diminished but not totally extinguished'


  Chapter one         The hardware

  Chapter two          GPS or Chart Plotter programming

  Chapter three         Creating waypoints and routes

 Chapter four          Paper chart plotting                                     buy here -

 Chapter five           Passage Planning - Electronic and Paper

 Chapter six            Tide tables and tidal streams

 Chapter seven        Radar

 Chapter eight         AIS

 Chapter nine          English Channel Tidal Atlas

French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands

The Pacific Crossing Guide

Caribbean Islands Cruising Guides

Strait Sailing to Gibraltar

Living Aboard Around the World

Easy Navigation

For my sailing books and French canal guides please go to


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