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Re: Quasar owners Can you help?

Postby Clivestamp » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:09 pm

Hi I am very interested in buying a Quasar 50 but as I live in Japan at the moment, I am having trouble just to get to view one, let alone buy one. It would help me greatly if a present owner would be willing to just let me walk around their boat, to get a hands on feel for the space and accommodation. No sailing, literally just viewing. I'm 6'2" and need to know that I will be comfortable living on one. I am in London at the moment till March 3rd then back to Tokyo via Manila PH.
I appreciate that its a big ask and even a brief visit will take up a lot of your time travel etc but if anyone has a Quasar in Asia, Philippines or UK it would help me greatly. Willing to pay any costs and or buy dinner if that helps.:-)

Many thanks Clive
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