Charter or trial sail

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Charter or trial sail

Postby JamieB » Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:54 pm

Hi, we are looking for a boat to live aboard and to cruise in long term. From everything I have read and seen, a Prout cat might be an ideal boat for us. I have cruised before, and I have some cat experience, having sailed many dinghy cats and owned a Tiki 26 and a Tiki 28, and sailed a Tangaroa, but I have never been out on what might be called a "grown-up" cat. Also, my partner has no multihull experience at all. Naturally we would like to get out and try one but this seems quite difficult to achieve. Obviously we can't go for a trial sail as Prout no longer exist, but does anyone know of maybe a Snowgoose 37 or and Escale that is available to charter, or any other way for us to experience one to see if it is indeed the boat for us? Would appreciate any possible avenues. Thanks
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