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New member sirocco/ranger 28

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Hi all,

I have just joined the group although I've been reading threads here for some time. Thank you for the membership.

I have joined to ask some questions. I'm in Australia and considering buying another boat.

1. Does anyone know of a sirocco in australia ?

2. Can anyone confirm the hull construction. I assume the hulls are solid glass. Is the deck cored and if so with what ? also the cabin roof etc. I'm not fond of ply and if balsa gets breached it can be a nightmare.

3. I'm confused by this ad. From what I've read there never was a 31' snowgoose and given they say it's a 1978 build I would have thought that was a quest ? ... aran/85102

4. Finally while the sirocco seems about perfect I'd consider a ranger 28 if one were in aus. I don't want to build a boat but I would consider a refurb. I don't suppose anyone knows of one in aus ? (and is there much timber in them ?)

Thank you very much for reading. Any thoughts appreciated.
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