Stiff Steering advice

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Stiff Steering advice

Postby HappyDiver » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:35 pm

The steering on my Snowgoose 35 is stiff, I can only just manage to turn the wheel with one hand!!
So I am working my way back from the rudders.
At the moment, there is no change with the rudders and rods disconnected.
The previous owner welded the steering gearbox mounting plate so this had to be removed with a cutting disc.
The sterring gearbox is almost free....To remove the steering gear box I am assuming I need to disconnect the steering shaft from it...
Unfortunately the UJ immediately before the gearbox is strange to me.
It is encased.

It appears that two shells are secured by several 8mm nuts and bolts.
I have removed all the nuts but the bolts will not come out, I put a nut back on the bolt to protect it while I tapped it with a hammer it still failed to budge....

It's now dark...I have given up, and would like some advice on how to split or remove the UJs, and also any other words of wisdom on the steering system...For example...If I get right back to the main steering shaft and find there is no improvement the next joint is unreachable without cutting chunks out of my boat...WHAT DO I DO???

Thank you for your advice or sympathy :0)
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Re: Stiff Steering advice

Postby klaus53123 » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:52 am

Hi Happy Diver,
I delteted the two other posts which had the same content. Hope this is fine for you.

Best regards
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Re: Stiff Steering advice

Postby Temala » Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:38 am

Sorry about the delay - just found your post. We have a Prout 34 Event and have had trouble with the steering - hydraulic ram seized up. We found out that the previous owner had put brake fluid in the system and this has had the effect of swelling the o-rings and jamming the ram. this has been rectified. But now we find that the helm pump is not pumping properly. The end result is that we are having to replace the whole unit (the original helm pump is no longer manufactured). I would say that you, too, will have to replace the whole unit.
Hopefully, you have now fixed your problem.
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