Joining forces with Heavenly Twins Association?

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Joining forces with Heavenly Twins Association?

Postby michaelebriant » Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:54 pm

I have received a email from Chrissy who is secretary of the Heavenly Twins Association suggesting we could in some way join forces

It seems that now instead of being rivals, we are 100% on the same side, promoting cruising in cats. All of our members and all of yours could equally fit into either or both Association. My question is do you think the time is right to do some combined meeting, or do something together to show a united front.

They certainly seem to have an active 'events' schedual. I have suggested that maybe they would 'enjoy' a combining of our two associations and Chrissy takes over the POA as well... They actually 'insist' on a £12 membership fee whereas I do not insist. In many ways it might be better for me to 'bow out' and let the more active association take up the baton.....

I thought it correct to float this to all of you active members so do 'post' if you have any feelings about the possible merger...

fair winds

Michael if you want to email me personally..[/i]
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combined forces

Postby classicone » Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:51 am

Hello Michael,
Over here in the States, we see very, very few Twins. From my viewpoint it wouldn't be an "advantage", but certainly it might be one on your side of the pond.

I have been mulling over how we (the members) could best serve the Prout community. Having been a previous member of the Hirondelle Association for quite awhile, it was obvious with them, that there was a natural division created by the Atlantic. But with Prouts, they are and will be found everywhere the world over.

Michael, I have been hesitant to come forward to "take over the reigns" so to speak. I have been appreciative of your efforts to create, host and moderate the site since the beginning. If your truly wanting to bow out, are there others more experienced willing to step up? Although I'm not too experienced, helping to moderate this site has opened my eyes to the work involved. Should we form a more formal Association?

I would certainly support an expanded site with lots of material.... but I'm in the States and it appears that most information would need to be assembled in and around Canvey Island or maybe even SA and Thailand.

Your post brings up a great question. Are we members of the Prout Association willing to put a few dollars (pounds, euros...) into our Association? I for one, am guilty as charged and have NOT forwarded any funds. I know I know, my head is bowed in shame.....

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Joint association with Heavenly Twins

Postby Ianca » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:59 am

I am not in favour of a joint association with Heavenly Twins or any other Cat/Multihull for that matter. There are many magazines that cater for Multihulls in general. Prout OA should remain just that, for Prout owners/enthusiasts past, present & future.

I have also 'kept my head down' with regard the request for a money but if a fee became mandatory let it be for the POA only.

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Postby Brad » Fri Apr 10, 2009 2:51 pm

I would like to keep it a Prout only site. I think there are places that allow free forums if you allow advertising. I will try to check out, but if anyone knows please let us know.
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Postby ChrisH » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:51 am

Hi Michael - sorry for delay in response, we are in France and internet access has been limited to internet cafes, but now we have broadband here so .............!

I fully endorse what Terry said re the work you have put in and understand why you now wish to 'retire' as it were. I have also been backward in coming forward as I too feel inexperienced and if I am truthful also lack the time to give it my full commitment. I am happy to continue as a moderator - and like Terry it has opened my eyes to the commitment involved - but I feel being a moderator is enough for me time-wise.

Regarding a linking up with Heavenly Twins or any other catamaran association, on the one hand it seems sensible that we join forces to promote catamaran sailing/cruising, we are all singing from the same hymn sheet there, but on the other hand I would prefer that the POA remained just for Prouts. The forum is becoming a mine of information for issues and items that are just relative to Prouts really, and hopefully that will continue to build, so I for one would not like that to be 'watered down' with posts from other cats.

I am also not great a one for rallys. Meeting another similar Prout is great, always of great interest and enjoyable, seeing how others do things and getting ideas, but on mass I find it all a bit too much, so the 'more active' bit would probably be lost on me. Also, looking at the POA membership, there are a large number - probably more than from the UK - members from the States, plus all the others in other parts of the world like Australia and South Africa. A 'more active' association would not / could not be all inclusive in terms of meeting up, but I may be missing something here on the 'more active' bit?

And for the record, if a subscription was a necessity I would be happy to go with that.

Sorry not to be more helpful,

Kind regards, Chris

Postby michaelebriant » Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:09 am

Thank you all for your comments - I am delighted that the POA and forum brings so much pleasure to so many - really nice to hear.

After their advances I have not heard another word from the Heavenly Twins Association - I think they too thought better of the idea.

The POA runs off the back of my web site and now that the forum is so well moderated, other than updating the membership list and directing questions to the forum the problem of keeping it going is not too big.

I suspect I feel a bit of a cheat having sold Eloise and gone back to a monohull...

So I will leave things exactly the way they are.... Could anybody be interested in a 'POA' burgee? I was thinking of getting my partner to design one and making some up.... With perhaps a 2nd one meaning 'do come aboard for a drink and a chat@


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Postby Boots » Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:24 pm

Hi Michael
The idea of being able to have a Prout burgee sounds great, we had an original burgee with our first mono which we passed on when we sold her.
Count us in and obviously happy to contribute as required. :)
regards from Brisbane....Amanda
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Postby ChrisH » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:54 pm

A Prout Burgee sounds like a great idea -go for it, I'll have one!


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